From its birth SADEV has always had a good balance of skilled workers and premium technology. SADEV has always strived to reach the highest level of precision, technology and care into every product they produce. Every day the employees of SADEV aim to reduce time scales and keep everything running smoothly.


SADEV is always on the lookout for opportunities to develop the company in all areas and when the opportunity of a partnership with Moulin Foundry came up the chance was taken. This has allowed SADEV to enlarge the design and castings sector of the business.

SADEV strives to expand each and every department, whether it be to increase production, reduce lead time or increase quality. With this in mind SADEV invested in some high performance spiro conical gear cutting equipment whilst also adding a heat treatment process to these increasing quality and product life.


One of the latest editions to the SADEV manufacturing department is a vacuum-packed electron beam welder. This machine offers a new area for SADEV to work in but also produces very visibly pleasing products.