Manufacturing as a genuine goldsmith

SADEV controls the entire manufacturing process and now with employee numbers in excess of 180 the addition on a 24hr production line has allowed the continuation of production to happen even when the sun has gone down. This is key to reducing delivery time and maintains a good customer relationship.



Partner of Moulin Foundry, SADEV creates its own top of the range aluminium casings. With the most up to date design and manufacturing products available makes creating the most modern looking yet practical and strong casings from high resisting alloys more feasible than ever. High-resistance alloy parts produced go through inspection by radiography and dye penetration inspection.



The manufacturing department at SADEV is made up of a variety of machines ranging from CNC machines to turning machines right through to the heat treatment machines. Highly experienced and qualified operators have a natural instinct on how to manufacture complex parts to the highest quality.






Equipped with the latest drilling techniques SADEV can handle a vast variety of tasks and jobs in this sector. With this technique readily available SADEV are able to reduce the weight of their casings and other components key to improved performance but in doing so they still maintain high strength and durability. The drilling technique isn’t just for casings SADEV are also able to produce components like drive-shafts.




With the ability to carry out Electro-Erosion SADEV manufactures very complex parts easier than using the more traditional tooling techniques.



SADEV use the highest of CNC machines by Highfield, this allows the most detailed components to be manufactured such as various areas of the gearboxes casings right through to the gears. The machines are able to do internal and external cutting.



Heat Treatment

The vacuum packed heat treatment unit is totally computerized and works 24hrs a day. Coupled with its very own laboratory used to monitor each cycle and validate the results. At the end of each process SADEV carry out checks to ensure every component complies to their strict qualities.




SADEV have always worded to the absolute best of their ability with tolerances being to an absolute minimum. In order to consistently meet these requirements SADEV manages several grinding cells on various units giving them the ability to rectify anything through hard turning or with a millstone. SADEV’s Klingenberg and Liebherr CNC units work alongside their cutting facilities to manage gear rectification.



Surface Treatment

In any kind of motorsport every detail matters. It could be the fine line between winning and finishing second. SADEV have acknowledge this aspect and have since took ownership of a machinery park that allows them to manufacture highly finished products using a collection processes. A few being tribo-finition and shot penning. Demonstrating SADEV strive to produce the best and only the best.



Electron Beam Welding

Concerned by integrated the most highyield technology in every field, SADEV chose the vacuum packing electron beam welding. This state of the art piece of equipment allows incredibly high precision to be carried out on a variety of components. With its varying axis this also gives a very wide range of shapes and parts capable of being manufactured.



Quality Charter

Motorsport requires 100 percent commitment to guarantee the best possible results. To achieve this continuous innovation and new ideas are needed. SADEV’s quality charter perfectly fits in a global involvement, from technician’s ability to technologies controlling, from environmental quality policy to metrology department procedures.




Control / Quality

SADEV strive to have the highest quality products on the market. Only the most up to date and quality tools are assigned to SADEV’s quality department in order to ensure that every single part fulfils the design department’s strict specification. Strengthening products throughout the SADEV range is one of their key aims so all parts are strictly monitored, labelled and traceable by registering each part with an engraved unique part number.