SADEV in Thaïlande


SADEV is delighted to announce that the company is now embedded in Thailand! 

Our reseller DXM MOTORSPORT in Thailand

DXM MOTORSPORT becomes the official SADEV reseller in Thailand. The main contact is Pierre MOUSSY. DXM MOTORSPORT is based in Bangkok, with a machine tool department, a servicing department, and offices.

The DXM MOTORSPORT Team is composed of 5 persons: 1 engineer, 1 operator, 1 mechanic and 2 persons in admin department.  

SADEV in Thaïlande


All of their designs, machining and mounting plates are done at their facilities in Bangkok. DXM MOTORSPORT was created in 2019, but the motorsport adventure started in 2002 for Pierre MOUSSY, who has been using the SADEV transmissions since his age of 18.

“For me, SADEV is a logical continuation of my career in motorsport. It’s the next step » 

By being part of the SADEV Network of resellers, DXM MOTORSPORT will be able to meet the needs of the Thai market by offering a local service and the right transmissions to our clients. We are pleased to be welcoming you in our network of resellers! 

Contact : sales@dxm-motorsport / +66 991 947 811