SADEV, a power transmission pioneer

For over ten years, SADEV has been developing transmissions dedicated to new energies. Its know-how, already recognised in several applications, makes SADEV the benchmark in innovative projects incorporating these new technologies.

SADEV, the transmission leader in motorsport

For almost 50 years, power transmission has been SADEV's source of inspiration and performance. Today, SADEV's ambition to be the leader on this market is taking on an even greater dimension with the arrival of new energies.

SADEV, a visionary to meet new requirements
By viewing transmission as one of the essential components in a vehicle's performance, SADEV has successfully made its mark in motorsport. Today, this positioning offers SADEV a place as a key player in power transmission.

Expertise et innovation - sadev energy


SADEV, a key player in motorsport

Its reputation and long-standing commitment to motorsport make SADEV an involved and committed player with top manufacturers and federations.

SADEV, always a step ahead
To anticipate the transmissions of tomorrow, SADEV must listen to the motorsport market and puts innovation at the heart of its areas of expertise.

SADEV, always innovating to continue to excel
SADEV works day after day to develop its know-how and expertise. New tools, new methods and constantly re-evaluated processes allow SADEV to maintain its level of excellence.