[THE SADEV EXPERIENCE] by Vincent Beltoise – Caterham France

[THE SADEV EXPERIENCE] by Vincent Beltoise – Caterham France - SADEV


[THE SADEV experience] – Listen to professionals from Motorsport industry telling you all about their experience using a SADEV Transmission.

In this new episode, Vincent Beltoise, French driver and Caterham France Promotor, tells us all about his experience with SADEV.

The SCL82-17 gearbox has been fitted in the Caterham 420R since 2017. Most powerful version of the Caterham cars, the 420R allows gentleman driver to enjoy a high quality of driving. Drivers can enjoy a very performing vehicle while having fun during the Caterham Challenge.

Vincent Beltoise gives us his feedback using a SADEV gearbox and more details about those iconic cars !

[SADEV experience] by Vincent Beltoise, CATERHAM France

[The SADEV Experience] – Tout savoir sur les boites de vitesses SADEV et leur utilisation par les professionnels du sport automobile ! Dans ce nouvel épisode, Vincent Beltoise, Pilote français et Pr...