excellence et adaptabilitY - sadev energie


SADEV, an incredible record!

Present for several years in constructors’ programmes and world championships, SADEV boasts an exceptional record. SADEV is also involved in new categories that are adopting new energies : electric gearbox, hybrid manual transmission

SADEV, collaborating with the best for the best
Knowing how to surround itself with talent to create synergies that make its projects a success is an aspiration that SADEV strives to achieve on a daily basis. Every day, the knowledge and expertise of its members of staff, suppliers, dealers and clients allow SADEV to reach the level of excellence required in motorsport.

SADEV, mastery at every stage
From design to manufacture, assembly to delivery, the SADEV Team deploys all its know-how and expertise at each stage of the project. Each member of the SADEV Team harnesses all their energy to guarantee irreproachable quality for all SADEV products and services.

Excellence et Adaptability - SADEV energy


SADEV, a design office to rise to every challenge
Capable of meeting every need, the team of expert and passionate engineers ceaselessly demonstrates creativity in order to deliver solutions best tailored to new energies.

SADEV, listening, sharing and co-design
Because the passion kindled by each project is the greatest source of motivation, the whole SADEV Team is committed to giving their best to each of these projects. SADEV's aim: adapt and put forward actions and solutions to achieve the objectives set by the new energy issues at stake in motorsport.

SADEV, areas of expertise that are evolving and transforming
New energies are opening up new fields of expertise, both in terms of sport and driving as well as technologies and project management. SADEV is already engaged in a drive to maintain excellence by supporting its staff with regard to training.