Transmisson & trust - SADEV ENERGY


SADEV... integrating new generations
Anticipating, preparing and integrating the generations of tomorrow: transmission between generations is the key to SADEV's success. A new generation of energies, a new generation of staff members, a new generation of leaders... for SADEV, people are at the heart of transmission.

SADEV, transmission through training and sharing
Integrating new talent while training members of staff who help to develop SADEV’s expertise is a source of sharing and a wealth of knowledge that drive each team.
Internal training programmes are put in place to ensure successful transmission.

SADEV, passing on its values through a local network
To convey the values that have made it a global success, SADEV relies on a network of experts-dealers. SADEV capitalises on the development of its network to foster a close relationship and expand its reach.

Transmission and trust - sadev energy


SADEV, creating trust through passion and the desire to do a good job
SADEV instils this search for performance by involving staff in each project and affirming the passion that their job can kindle. In order to unite around SADEV's values, it is essential that everyone can have confidence in themselves.

SADEV, trust through respect and accepting change
In a constantly changing sector of activity, SADEV attaches great importance to each member of staff being able to contribute to the project’s overall success. Flourishing and growing in an environment with a wealth of skills and talent is an essential asset that SADEV relies on to excel.

SADEV, loyal clients for almost 50 years
Trust is expressed through the long-lasting relationships built over the past 50 years with the top players in motorsport. It is also reflected in the desire to deliver solutions and irreproachable service to all our clients.