SADEV's Hybrid and Electric Projects

SADEV has been committed to new energies for more than 20 years now. The Research & Development strategy that we follow on a daily basis at SADEV in order to plan ahead for the future now allows us to confirm that transmissions will remain key to boosting the performance and autonomy of the vehicles of tomorrow.

Today, SADEV is involved in the biggest electric projects and develops products capable of meeting the challenges of motorsports

Rally – WRC

Rallye - WRC - puma


The ultimate showpiece category, WRC shifted gears to new energies in 2022, with a rechargeable, hybrid Rally1 model.

SADEV is proud to fit out Ford M-Sport’s Puma Hybrid with a transverse gearbox and a differential whose casing has been customised to link the hybridisation system.

The season opened with plenty of thrills, including M-Sport’s superb victory in the first leg of the WRC Rallye Monte-Carlo, driven by Sébastien Loeb and Isabelle Galmiche!

Rallycross – RX2e and FC1-X

Rallycross - E- RX2 and FC1-X - SADEV

RX2e, the 1st electric rallycross category


Rallycross is also seeing changes to its WRX categories, shifting gears to go electric. In 2021, the old RX2 category was replaced by RX2e, a 100% electric category!


The vehicles are all equipped with a battery that delivers 250 kW of power, developed by QEV Technologie, coupled with a self-locking electrical reducer from SADEV


FC1-X: Nitro Rallycross goes electric!

FC1-X: Nitro Rallycross goes electric - SADEV


The FC1-X car developed by Olsbergs will be on the track for the first time in 2022!

The vehicle is fitted with a electrical reducer at the front, a gearbox at the rear and a SADEV paddle shift.

In the Group E category, 10 vehicles will be competing in an electrifying spectacle! In fact, the FC1-X has been described as the fastest, most powerful rallycross car ever made.

Rally-Raid – Disciplines on the move

Rally-Raid – Disciplines on the move - SADEV


New technical rules were introduced at the last Dakar Rally in 2022.

So now, the discipline is witnessing the arrival of alternative and experimental technologies, with the goal of supporting the long-term environmental strategy of the FIA and ASO.

SADEV, the top supplier of rally-raid transmissions for many years now, is helping to drive these changes and already offers a variety of transmission solutions that run on new energies.

The studies we have conducts and the projects we have imagined meet the needs of both new energies and of rally-raid as a discipline

Endurance – Hypercar

Endurance – Hypercar - SADEV


Like for Rally and Rallycross, SADEV is here to offer solutions for the boldest Endurance projects.

This year, SADEV will be present in the Hypercar class with one of the biggest French car makers, the flagship category in the FIA World Endurance Championship 2022.

That hypercar is fitted with a 7-gear hybrid transmission, a technologically complex, custom product that combines all of SADEV’s expertise with the latest technologies in the motorsport industry. 

Single-seater – Formula E

Since the second season of Formula E in 2015, SADEV has been its supplier of electric transmissions. Formula E is now the only single-seater category currently in competition with an exclusively electric engine.