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Every week and this for 1 month, listen to our Technical Salesmen in our Web series [PASSION & EXPERTISE]. Discover all the episodes in this news.

[PASSIONS & EXPERTISE] : A privileged moment with SADEV experts

Gaëtan GODARD, Sales and Marketing Director at SADEV for the past 20 years, introduces the Web Series:



*Recording of the video made prior the governmental announcement on 28/10/2020 in France.


With the motorsport shows being cancelled, SADEV has created a series of videos that combine passion and expertise. Throughout November, discover with the Team SADEV the videos highlighting our expertise, our product innovations and our range of gearboxes and differentials.


[PASSION & EXPERTISE] Episode 1 : Transverse Range 

In this first episode, Guillaume, technical salesman at SADEV for the past 5 years, shares his expertise and passion with you. Discover in this video, 3 gearboxes from the transverse range: the ST75 LW, the ST82-14 and the new ST90-17. With his usual energy, Guillaume reveals the technical features and key points of these 3 gearboxes selected for you.

[PASSION & EXPERTISE] Episode 1 : Transverse range

Guillaume, Technical Salesman at SADEV, introduces the range of Transverse SADEV gearboxes !

Gearboxes from the transverse range

The ST75LW has a compact design and is light while remaining very powerful. It’s available in 5 or 6 speed version, with a free of limited Slip Differential. Its main asset is the adaptability. This gearbox can provide a multitude of one make series such as Rally4 or Cup and F2000 series.

The ST82-14 is a gearbox dedicated to 2L naturally aspirated and 1.6L turbocharged engines. With a compact design, this gearbox can be fitted in any type of vehicle and very lightweight. Its Limited Slip Differential can be accessed from the outside and you can connect it to our hydraulic paddle shift system. With its wide range of ratios and final drives, you are sure to find the right set-up for you and those in any applications. The ST82-14, it’s the winning solution for sure !

The ST90-17, is the right gearbox for GT and Touring car. Its compact size and its lightweight, only 36kgs make this gearbox the best capacity / weight on the market. This gearbox has the latest technological innovations; high efficiency zerol differential, its removable quick release cassette and its externally adjustable preload. You can connect it to the hydraulic paddle shift system. The ST90-17 is a very powerful gearbox, with the latest technological improvements – all while being cost-control.


[Passion & Expertise] Episode 2 : Transaxle Range 

In this second episode, Teddy, technical salesman at SADEV for over 16 years, is sharing his passion for motorsports by introducing the transaxle gearboxes. During this video you will discover 4 gearboxes: the SL82LW, the SLR82-14, the SL90-20 and finally the 2020’ innovation: the SL924 RAID. 


[PASSION & EXPERTISE] Episode 2 : Transaxle range

Teddy, Technical Salesman at SADEV, introduces the range of Transaxle SADEV gearboxes.


Transaxle range of SADEV gearboxes 

The SL82LW has advanced technical solutions to meet the requirements for the regional FIA F3 category. A 6 speed sequential gearbox with an integrated oil pump, a limited slip differential, an oil tank – for a total weight of 43 kgs. 

The SLR82-14 has an innovative design to center the weights. This gearbox has multiple possibilities: 50 gear ratios available as well as many ramp plates to chose from, an integrated hydraulic actuator for using a SADEV paddle shift system. This gearbox is a real asset for single-seater or proto sport cars. 

The SL90-20 is a versatile gearbox. It can be used for several applications such as Autocross, Rallycross, Rallye, Racing… The SL90-20 is available in 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive, for front an rear while drive and for engines up to 700 horsepower! 

Finally, this year’s 2020 innovation: the SL924 RAID. This gearbox is dedicated to 2-wheel drive buggies for Rally-Raid. With its innovative architecture, this new transaxle gearbox can absorb high loads and stress of the Rally-raid application. It’s a 6-speed sequential gearbox with an integrated oil pump, a ramp that goes through the housing allowing a perfect lubrification. It has a limited slip differential and inspection bungs for a quick and easy checking of the parts. 


[Passion & Expertise] Episode 3 : In-Line Range

In this third episode, discover the SADEV In-Line gearboxes. Pierre, Technical salesman for the past 2 years introduces the SCL82-17 and SCL924

[PASSION & EXPERTISE] Episode 3 : In-Line Range

Pierre, Technical Salesman at SADEV, introduces the range of In-Line SADEV gearboxes !

In-Line range of SADEV gearboxes 

The SCL82-17 gearbox is available in 4, 5 or 6-speed version. It has an integrated or independent gearlever and an optional paddle shift system. This In-Line gearbox is very compact and powerful. It can support up to 400Nm. The SCL82-17 is very reliable, and it is used in application such as Endurance and Sprint. It is fitted on vehicles like the Toyota GT86, Subaru BRZ, Ford MK2, Mazda MX5, Mitjet… To sum up, the SCL82-17 gearbox is a high-quality gearbox at an unbeatable price. 

The SCL924 can support up to 1000Nm. This gearbox is ideal for GT, GT3, GT4, Muscle car and Drift applications. The SCL924 has a wide range of ratios which can be easily removed by the front side. This racing transmission has a torsion bar to limit torque peaks. It is possible to add inspection bungs and a paddle shift system on the gearbox. It only weights 38 kgs ! The SCL924 is already fitted in many vehicles such as the Toyota Supra, the Corvette C5 and the Ford Mustang. The SCL924 helps you to control the powerfulness of your engine !